"poof!"About the blog title Green + Blue = Seven:  “Born on a Blue Day” is a book by and about Daniel Tammet, a man with Epilepsy and Asperger’s Syndrome, who “sees” numbers, and who has amazing math and language skills. I do not have amazing math and language skills, but reading the book made a significant impression on me. One thing the book sparked in my brain was the long running relationship I have had with the numbers “3 and 4″… together. For a very long time, I have thought “green and blue = three and four” (you see it?). I think of colors as number and numbers as colors. Other color/number/letter and life pursuit combinations work this way for me as well. My experiences and brain process and respond to symbols and color a certain way. I believe we all see and live life originally, at least on the inside. This blog and it’s title are a small outward representation of my larger inner world.

I am a married woman with two teens and a paraprofessional librarian in a public elementary school. I love illustration and I love books.


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