nap spaces

Brower Hatcher, Prophecy of the Ancients, 1988. Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

It’s a perfect day. A slightly-off-to-the-side sun shines brightly. The wind is just strong enough to gently push and disperse a cloud through the bluest of blue sky days. The temperature hovers around 70° or so. There are only sounds of the wind, birds, frogs and toads, and occasional squirrel chatter. I have a book that has the ability to deliver me to its envisioned locale, and the time to go there and be there for more than the usual few tired minutes at the end of the day. It’s the middle of the day and I am outside with the time to read and drift into sleep and back out to read some more. This is my vision of a lovely little “staycation.”

I have enjoyed this experience a few times, although less frequently in the last decade or so of child rearing, exhausted sleep time, and more recently the reading requirements of my continuing education. (See pics from Costa Rica below; not a “staycation” but certainly a fab “nap space.”) Now that my kids are getting a little older and I’m moving along in my studies, the fantasy is reemerging with more regularity.

This piece from the Walker Art Center‘s Minneapolis Sculpture Garden may have planted the seed of my desire for leisurely outdoor reading and napping. I very clearly remember my first thought upon standing under this way back when was “I want to put a bed under here.” The other photos are of a few reading nap spaces (reflecting areas more private than Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.)

image from and item for sale at Tim Laursen's Etsy shop

image from photo gallery by R.L. Martino. Botswana.

indoor bed, but imagine the windows all open. Sonya's Garden, Phillipines. Image from

La Bella Serina, Manzanillo, Costa Rica, 2007. We slept on the top floor, screens all the way around. When it rained, the rains were heavy and made for excellent daytime reading and napping. Rental info:

books in hand, ready for a little hammock reading, a little napping...

The idea of being carried into and out of naps on the sounds of undisturbed nature, as freshly impressed words move through my brain is most wonderful. To have this space (in all senses of the word) a couple or a few times a month would be fabulous.


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