summer reading

Not sure that I can read them all, but I have collected a list of suggestions from friends (many thanks, friends) and from book reviews. Some I purchased via Better World Books. I ordered a couple new books through my local bookstore. And, the library has the rest.

They are all listed here Summer Reading (still wishing LibraryThing and could work together.) I am particularly looking forward to and anxiously awaiting my copy of Primeval and Other Times by Olga Tokarczuk. Here are the publisher’s remarks:

Tokarczuk’s third novel, Primeval and Other Times was awarded the Koscielski Foundation Prize in 1997, which established the author as one of the leading voices in Polish letters. It is set in the mythical village of Primeval in the very heart of Poland, which is populated by eccentric, archetypal characters. The village, a microcosm of Europe, is guarded by four archangels, from whose perspective the novel chronicles the lives of Primeval’s inhabitants over the course of the feral 20th century. In prose that is forceful and direct, the narrative follows Poland’s tortured political history from 1914 to the contemporary era and the episodic brutality that is visited on ordinary village life. Yet Primeval and Other Times is a novel of universal dimension that does not dwell on the parochial. A stylized fable as well as epic allegory about the inexorable grind of time, the clash between modernity (the masculine) and nature (the feminine), it has been translated into most European languages.”

I am one-half Polish, but for various reasons I have never taken much time to explore these roots. Perhaps this work of fiction will spark some non-fiction exploration. And, hey, I just got a call from Excelsior Bays Books letting me know my copy has arrived! Spooky.


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