barefoot running is crazy?

When I was a kid I used to run distance and then stopped… and started and stopped… and started and stopped and so on throughout my adulthood.  I had and have bad knees, and now bad ankles and touchy hips, a neuroma on my left foot and a tendon pull that seems to never heal. I creak (literally), and have a lovely snap, crackle, pop thing that seems rather excessive for someone my age. Still, I want to run.

Running shoes have always been problematic for me. I know several people who have taken up running in those Vibram running shoes/sock things, and have seen and heard about people running barefooted, but have never had an interest in either. I figured with all the injuries to my knees, ankles, and so on, it would be crazy to run barefooted, “unprotected” from the impact of feet on hard surfaces. Last weekend I read some posts from Barefoot Angie Bee, a barefoot runner, and then did some further reading on Jason Robillard’s blog Barefoot Chronicles. And this week I decided to give barefoot running a try… on my treadmill for now.

I’ve run four times this week, starting slowly because I am VERY out of shape. Today I pushed my pace pretty hard and felt a bit of twinging in my feet, but ultimately, so far, so good. Although I am watching this tendon carefully, nothing that “hurt” before feels any worse. And to tell the truth, I love just throwing on my running clothes and going without putting my shoes on. Sounds silly, but it’s one less “thing to do.”

No big goals here other than to try something new and take in how it feels. It might be crazy, but I’m thinking I might take these bare feet outside for a run… in June.


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