blog therapy

I tend to get stuck in patterns.Part of why I do this might be that I like patterns. I like observing them, noting them, documenting them. It’s my way of having structure on the inside maybe. But, the last few months I have been thinking about this whole pattern thing, mostly in little spurts. This morning I realized there are a few side-trails off the main park trail I like to walk. I decided to break my pattern and take a new trail and found a whole “new” world in this park that I already love. I’ve decided it’s time to observe new patterns.


2 thoughts on “blog therapy

  1. I’d love to blow up this photo for wallpaper in my den or back porch. It’s barely even January and I am longing for the delicate greens of spring. Wirth Park?

    • The green will be here soon (mantra), but not before we’re good and grayed through and through. It’s taken in Purgatory Park, Minnetonka.

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