I cheated on WordPress, but now I am back.

I cheated on WordPress. I stepped away from WordPress.com for a moment, frustrated with it’s lack of a LibraryThing widget. Blast you WordPress!!! I set up a blog with BLOGGER. But I just couldn’t follow through. I met Blogger in the hotel bar for drinks, got into the elevator, but could not bring myself to the hotel room – although Blogger and I did make out in the elevator.

I knew it was wrong, so I have returned to WordPress, feeling badly, knowing it was wrong to leave, but also knowing it takes two to maintain a relationship. So I beg you please, WordPress, who I adore, can you manage a LibraryThing widget?

In an effort to refresh myself in this relationship, I have moved to this new WordPress address, and moved all of my blog postings/belongings with me.

(I was at margothere.wordpress.com; same blog name, different address; yes, it’s confusing, but now it’s all matchy.)

I am hoping this fresh start will move WordPress and I forward together. 🙂


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