Nosegay Terrarium & Peony Rescue

This past week the kids spent a night at Auntie and Uncle’s house with the cousins and had a great time. When I came to pick them up – running behind, of course – I was greeted by my daughter with a hug and this cup of wild fleurs she picked on a walk. Then I realized my son was hugging me. She’s a thoughtful child, and he gives really good hugs, especially when they are unexpected. These flowers have been living in this cup for about 24 hours and they continue to bloom; it must be the perfect environment for wee weed flowers. I took the picture to send to Auntie to let her know her neighborhood flowers are magical, and staged them with a couple books my husband brought back on his last long trip. Lovely nosegay; lovely family.

I am flower happy today. It was a gorgeous day. Very busy with things. The last thing I did today was to rescue the peonies that got really whipped up in strong wind gusts last evening. (Note: stronger peony supports next year.) I did get this beautiful arrangement… smells so sweet.

Six Word Memoir for the day:

itchy eyes ok; I love plants


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