Artist Trading Cards

OK, I haven’t finished my Mother Bear project yet. (hmmm. maybe one every two months is more my speed…) BUT, I have completed my first ever Artist Trading Cards. I am doing this with a group from SparkPeople. I am excited because I put on canvas (well, canvas paper) images that I have scribbled over the past 30 years. Very excited.

It was fun working in a 2.5×3.5″ space. It was fun putting in paint what I have always sketched in pencil and pen.

Redina Series #1SP - Late Summer

“Sunset After and Before a Beautiful Day”

Redina Series #2SP - Late Summer

“Early Morning Gathering”

Doing this has also got me to overhaul my “office”, aka dumping ground, aka the place I hate to be. I am not done yet, but I ripped out a built in counter. I’ve brought in the old library table, which I LOVE and has been lofted in the garage the past four years, because of the dang built in counter. I’ve pulled out all the paper, crud, excess nonsense… and it sits in the hall, hence my not being done yet. 🙂

My family doesn’t know what I am up to these days. To be honest, it’s kind of nice. I think they just see me doing something that makes me happy. I am thrilled to have done something that I enjoy.


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