Why I Should be in Elementary School…

Because I want to be an elementary school librarian when I grow up… again (I’m 40).

My first volunteer gig was when I was in 4th grade at my elementary school library putting away film strips. I grew up surrounded by books, books, books. As an adult, the best part of my work was going to the big downtown public library to do research. Most of my volunteering over the years was with children, and I’ve worked in two very cool toy shops. I love children’s books. Mostly, I am a big kid, and I love education and information.

A couple years ago I noticed, “I know a lot of librarians.” I had one conversation, then a few more, and realized that I could actually enjoy being a librarian. So, I am starting small and going back to school this fall to educate myself to be a Media Paraprofessional (school library assistant chic). Hopefully, I’ll find employment after that. We’ll see if that Masters in Library Science is in my future. For now, I believe that I am on the right path, even if it doesn’t lead to “librarian/media specialist” in the end. Joy.

A Little Side Note: The Librarian in Black is a great blog just full of good information, not just for librarians. She’s offers a lot of helpful, accessible, technology information, as well as many other bits and chunks of lovely info.


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