Skinny House

I visited Charleston for the first time. I love Charleston and I need to go back for more. Besides the history, the azaleas, the water, the cool cemeteries and architecture, there was this skinny pink house. I really fell hard for this skinny house, and became slightly obsessed with the skinny house concept.

Why? At first I thought it was the fact that I had been longing for alone time, and I imagined myself being able to escape to my skinny house hermitage to sit and work in solitude amongst the sunlight and history of Charleston. Then I thought it’s just cool; it’s streamlined, efficient, thereby appealing to my “less is more” leanings of late. Then, I assumed it’s that I always like something that’s different from where ever I am at – I currently live in wide 1974 split level in the Midwest.

It’s all of the above. This skinny pink house speaks to my need for balance, simplicity, and diversity. So, if I go missing, look for me in a skinny house somewhere different from where I’ve been.

Other skinny houses:


Skinny houses collected by the WebUrbanist.


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