Blogs as Jumper Cables

My first interest in blogs was to find inspiration to jump start my flagging creativity. There are sooooo many wonderfully creative people out there just doing their thing, and it is fun to see what they generate.

Loobylu is a great creative blog. Her stuff is terrific and the site has monthly links to other terrific, creative blogs.

Inspired, I jumped in and started something without an end in mind (kind of like this blog). Knitting with spare yarn, I fashioned what I’ve decided is an uncoupled sock holder. And, it can moonlight as a vase cosy or Seussian hat. 🙂 Not quite as fabu as Loobylu’s offerings, but it’s something.

Sock HolderVase CosySeuss HatReality


2 thoughts on “Blogs as Jumper Cables

  1. That is totally cool, Margot. I want to make one!!! I have a goofy scarf going but I am stuck halfway through it – did you really just make this pattern up? You are my hero… I am a knitting zero…

  2. Keep making your goofy scarf, Chrissy! Or maybe it’s not really a scarf. Maybe it’s a chopstick or yoga mat carrier! You can make a goofy sock holder/vase cosy/Seuss hat anytime.

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