"The Lives of Others" – terrific movie

This movie is fantastic – the script, every actor, the film work as a whole.

Set in the mid?-1980’s in East Berlin, it’s a story about an Stasi agent monitoring a playwright and his girlfriend. The “successful” German Democratic Republic agent comes to know that the approval of his being dispatched to monitor the playwright isn’t a measure in support of the East German state, but because a higher up’s interest the playwright’s girlfriend. This opens a small window to the agent at a time when his exposure to the playwright offers something he wasn’t aware existed. I cannot possibly describe how wonderful and subtle it all is. It is a tense, subtle thriller, very smart, and very thought provoking.

The actor playing the Stasi agent was Ulrich Muhe. His focus, what he is able to portray in his face, eyes, and how he holds his body is truly wonderful. The subtlety of transformation of his character reflects what is behind him and what is in front of him. The DVD extras are very interesting, and worth watching. Thank you, film director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. http://www.sonyclassics.com/thelivesofothers/


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